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Short Term Loans

Chances are if you’re reading this, you’re probably looking for a way to borrow small amounts of money for a relatively short period of time. What’s more, you probably don’t want the hassle of having to fill in a long-winded application form or having to send reams of paperwork to your potential loan provider before a decision can be made.

If this sounds familiar, then you’re in the right place as our short term loans are quick and easy to apply for, and you don’t need anything apart from a few basic details.

The Benefits of our Personal Loans

When you apply for short term loans through our website, you actually apply to hundreds of potential lenders with a single application form. Once the form is filled in, we distribute it to our panel of trustworthy lenders which maximizes the likelihood of you getting the approval you need without the stress of completing form after form.

- The personal loans you get approved for will all match your circumstances.

- It doesn’t matter what you want to borrow money for, our lenders aren’t interested in what you do with your loan.

- You can arrange an extended repayment plan in most cases if you need to borrow a larger amount.

- Your approval will be based mostly on your perceived ability to repay the loan from your next paycheck.

- Your borrowing limit will increase with each successfully repaid loan.

online loans arranged through our site can be used to pay unexpected utility bills, emergency car repair bills, medical bills and all manner of other expenses that could otherwise put you overdrawn with your bank.

Consider how much it costs to use your overdraft today. Most banks charge $35 for each transaction that makes use of your overdraft. This means that even if you venture into your overdraft by just $10 or $15 you’re still going to be charged $35 – and that’s saying you only have one overdraft transaction. If you have two or three, the overdraft charges can become very expensive indeed.

Now consider the fees for short term loans…

  • You know you are going to enter your overdraft before payday but only by $20 at the most.
  • You apply for personal loans of $150 through our website. This amount is easily repaid while still giving you a bit of leeway in case of additional expenses that might arise before you get paid next.
  • Most lenders charge very little for a loan of this size, meaning you can actually save on your overdraft charges.

It isn’t difficult to see why our quick loans are so popular, especially when you consider the money can be in your bank account in less than one hour.